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I discovered early stimulation 3 years ago

Ana Sottomayor

I discovered early stimulation 3 years ago when my third daughter was born. She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and I knew she would need a lot of stimulation. After much searching I found the LittleReader. This was when I started to teach her a second language, English. I’ve recently discovered the LittleMusician and my daughter loves it! She loves music and during the 5­minute lessons she can be completely focused. Each lesson is very complete and is designed so that the child absorbs the information, stimulating the hearing and is also put to the test by asking to repeat keys or to clap keeping up with the rhythm. From the first lesson, i have had full cooperation from my daughter. As she enjoys it, learning is optimized and the results are visible. I have no doubt that it was the best choice for her and for me!

Ana Sottomayor

My daughter was reading words

My daughter was reading words, before she was 2 years of age & reading books by 3.5 years. I believe kids with Down syndrome can do amazing things if we give them the right tools. I truly believe high expectations can make a tremendous difference in the lives of our children!

Little Math:

If you have a very young child, this program is ideal for doing the dot program.  Because it is computer generated, the dots are always random as compared to doing them on cards where each number is always done in the same pattern.

Again, just like the Little Reader program, I love the flexibility of this program.  To keep K’s interest peaked we have downloaded neat icons like Minnie Mouse & Blue's Clues.  I like that this program goes right from Doman style dots, to simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, right up to multistep  equations.

I have not found it too hard to keep up with K's reading program, however math is another story.  I am pleased to say that since we started with Little Math we have been able to be quite consistent.  It is just so easy!

Little Reader:

We are currently working on stories, various science, geography & other subjects, while doing several sets of phonics/word families each week as well. The focus on phonics is really paying off as I am noticing that K is finding it easier & easier to decode new words. I am so impressed with the versatility of this program!

Besides teaching our daughter to read, we have noticed a number of other wonderful benefits as well! We have found Little Reader to be excellent for working on speech. Because a word is spoken each time a picture of word is flashed, K also speaks the word.  Recently, we have been recording more of our own words. I have been having K do this herself & she loves to hear herself speaking on the computer!  The more I am able to get my daughter talking, the better! This is in addition to the proven benefits of teaching sight words to help strong visual learners like K learn to speak.

Although I got the Little Reader program for K, her eight year old sister, KJ is also benefiting from it.  She is not using it for reading practice as she has been reading chapter books for quite a while now, but  this summer, KJ expressed interest in learning a little French.  For the past month or so, she has been using little reader too… The wonderful French files I found at BrillKids are really helping me to teach her. We are both very excited about her progress so far!

I have even used Little Reader for my oldest two daughters on occasion! They are avid, actually advanced readers for their ages, but I have occasionally found some files, often science related that were relevant to what they were doing in school.  We have viewed them on the computer as well as printed them off to take to school for everyone to enjoy.

I could talk all day about this program! The biggest benefit to me is again, the versatility. This is the only program that has been able to keep up with K as she progressed from learning a few words, to last night, being able to pick up a 3rd grade reader that KJ brought home & read it with ease. I can happily credit BrillKids credit for a huge part of my daughter’s reading success.


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