Giving your child the best gift after love – the love for learning!


Do you remember how tough it was at school -to study so hard before exams, and to battle through maths? I believe that the best gift you can give to your children after love, is to give them the gift of a love for learning. Children love to learn – and if a child can learn without effort, they develop a love for learning which they carry with them throughout their life.
As parents and caregivers, we have drastically underestimated the power of our children’s brains, and their abilities to absorb huge volumes of information! Our school systems start at age 6, by which time our children’s great learning opportunity is gone. Even then, our school systems focus on drumming in information to the left brain only, and do not focus on whole brain learning.
Developing a child’s Right Brain will provide them with the ability to have a photographic memory, speed read, and most importantly to discover their own true genius early in life. Children’s right brain pathways are wide open from 0-6 years old. By flashing images one second at a time in tune with your child’s heartbeat, the flashcards are viewed by the right brain as an image, and this builds on the child’s rich neural network and develops the Right Brain pathway- the richer the neural network, the higher the child’s IQ.
Before I discovered Little Reader (LR), I spent MANY MANY hours making flashcards. It consumed all my spare time, and I stopped enjoying the teaching, as I knew what was install for me after – making more flashcards!
Little Reader have provided me with the opportunity to spend much more time with my little girl, whilst providing me with the most amazing learning tool! I have used the course curriculums and my little girl absolutely loves the lessons! When it’s LR time, she starts jumping up and down and gets wonderfully excited. The voices reading the flashcards change throughout the lesson – keeping her interested, the pictures are of great quality and they are truly right brain, flashing one second at a time. In addition, I have access to an endless library of files which are added by parents / caregivers on the brillkids forum. I have also been able to teach her Italian and French using the library.
Let’s not forget the thousands of dollars it has saved me preparing expensive flashcards – and saved my imagination, as it is all done for you! YAY for LR!


Johannesburg, South Africa

My son has benefited tremendously from using BrillKids.

With only a few minutes each day, the amount of knowledge that he obtains is amazing. By using the flash card and voice over system, he learns new words, phonics and definitions, increasing his understanding and intelligence. More importantly, he enjoys the process of learning and looks forward to it each day. He often climbs on my lap while I am at my computer, asking for more flash cards.
Using the built in curriculum, my son is able to pick up new words and sounds along with the ability to read. I started my son on the BrillKids program at 3 months and he is now able to read at 18 months. The program works great for me as a bilingual mother. I can prepare lessons in English and in other languages. I can even prepare lessons in languages I do not speak or read and my son will be able to learn them.
The BrillKids forum and community is also amazing. I have been able to use lessons that other moms have created, saving me time and broadening my son’s horizons. Many of the lessons I would never have been able to prepare myself. I can always find great conversations and information in the forum, along with parents willing to answer any questions or concerns I have.
I would not hesitate to recommend BrillKids to any parent that asked me. It is a tool that can help our children have the best start possible and the brightest future available.


Mom of Eaton from Big Island, Hawaii


A month or so ago it happened again with Brillkids Little Reader and Little Math.


I saw a late night infomercial for a DVD-based reading program – immediately it made total sense to me so I bought the whole package. I was even more excited and impressed with this whole site and community forum so I bought the full Deluxe set of both. Started 10 days ago and boy, is it ever worth the money. I really like the other program and it got us started and we still use it, but BrillKids is far, far more complete and I’m waiting to buy the music and Spanish ones also.


Mom of Eaton from Big Island, Hawaii

Kudos and congratulations on this wonderful program and initiative of the people who created it!

I am a mommy of a pair of lovely twin girls and taking care of them has kept me very busy. Little Reader is really a Godsend for busy mommies like me who would like to nurture their children but could not find the time to prepare flash cards. My children love the animated and multisensory library files that BrillKids has created. I am also thankful to those who have selflessly shared files through the forum!


Mommy of Claire & Chloe from Singapore


I love this program!!! It’s such a wonderful tool to use in teaching my daughter to read.


She is now almost 3 years old and this is a game to her.
She wants to go through the lessons over and over again. I found that she is not just learning to read, but also learning what certain words mean, which she wouldn’t if we weren’t going through these lessons.
I am thrilled that you have the music notes and numbers also.


Mommy & Graphic Designer from Seattle, USA