We offer you, award winning, revolutionary software aimed especially for young children from 4 months old by promoting right-brain activity that will boost your child’s early development.

Our Languages, Math and Music software will help your child to become Multilingual and achieve their potential in the first critical years when their brain is developing.

Your child will learn in a natural, simple and effortless way from their comfortable home, and you will not waste your time (driving, waiting, parking…), your money (private teachers, afternoon schools…) and energy (making an effort over so many years).

Our software makes a huge difference in childrens lives, you can too if you start right now.

  • I invite you to make little effort and receive incredible results.
  • I invite you to be part of your child’s big success.
  • I invite you to NOT miss the special opportunity to teach your child easy and fast.

My name is Inbal Hillel, mother of two cute boys living in Spain under the sun. I established my first company Mentelista in 2012 (now Multinational Kid S.L) because as a photographer and enthusiastic traveller, I have been all over the world, yet languages, especially English, have often presented enormous challenges. I could not join conversations with locals or other tourists. I could not read interesting material in English or watch movies. I found it very difficult conduct international business.I was really frustrated! The world was not open for me. If you’ve experienced this, maybe in another language, then you know what I’m talking about. I decided that my children would not have to face the same difficulties. There had to be an easier way! And I found it, with Brillkids!

Join us in the success

Inbal Hillel

​Multinational Kid is official distributor of brillkids